Monday, December 5, 2011

How To Harness the Power of Twitter

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It seems like everywhere you look (internet, TV, newspapers, etc.) nowadays you can find at least one new report, post or article about Twitter.
People and companies keep finding new and innovative ways to use Twitter and the Tweet stream for, communicating, data mining or business (engaging customers and developing sales leads).
Some creative people have recently begun using it to recreate historical events that occurred before Twitter or the Internet (can you imagine what the Tweets from Christopher Columbus would look like as he came upon the "New World"?).
The most powerful tools in the Twitter arsenal, which are available to everyone, are the various tags that can be used. If you can learn the proper use of these tags can really boost your ability to engage your audience.
Here are the tags and some uses for each. If you are creative you can combine them and really begin to harness Twitter's power.
1) Find a tweet you want to share with your Twitter followers? Use the RT tag and copy, paste and re-post with the original user's handle after the @ sign. Be sure to add your own comment if you want to give an opinion or add to the tweet.
2) Want to reply directly to a tweet or get the attention of a particular user? Use the @ tag in front of their username. Then type and send your tweet. This is publicly posted to your tweet stream so your followers can read it and anyone can find it using a search engine or Twitter search tool.
3) Want to make a private reply or have a private conversation with a user? Then us the DM tag followed by the @ and username. Then type your message. This is great if you don't want your conversation to be publicly shared. Well, almost because the person you send the DM to may RT the tweet publicly. So be careful! If it's really meant to be private then don't post it anywhere on the internet because once it's there, it's no longer really private.
4) Want to make your post easily searchable or visible to others discussing the same topic? Use the hashtag # in front of the keyword. This is great if you want to do research on a certain topic, get involved with some kind of movement (such as #OccupyWallStreet, #OWS) or market a new product or service.
If you use these tags correctly, you can really build a big and fully engaged following.
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Happy tweeting and while you're at it, pick up a copy of our Global Twitter Hashtag list to really kick your Twitter experience into high gear - sacrifice one cup of Starbucks coffee.



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